Invisible Chairs
Matt Ostrower, Real Estate Developer
Penn Station, New York.

Matt commutes through Penn Station everyday, I met him off his morning train. While waiting for him I noticed that there was a lack of seating in the station, making it inhospitiable to all types of transients especially the homeless men and women that are there for most of the day. Matt and I talked a lot about the "ghost" of the old Penn Station, the design flaws of the new one and how it seemed to both encourage rapid movement through the space and confuse any sense of place. Principle was a lack of investment; emotional or financial.





Invisible Chairs, Pencil on Mylar. h. 140" x w. 52"

Scroll drawing based on Google image search results for 'invisible' plastic chairs, proposed as options for seating in Penn Station. All results include prices and where to purchase them.